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ATLAS Media Group LTD are a UK Based Company striving to work with some of the worlds largest influencers and companies to provide a Premium Service. Specialising in Custom Merchandising, Event Management, Software Development, Audience Growth and Media Production.
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what we do actually


Our Graphics Design Team work alongside our Merchandise and Media Clients to provide new Branding Designs for their audiences.

Media Content Creation

Our Content Creation Team host Livestreams and produce YouTube Content showing Client Merchandise, Game Reviews and Event Coverage on our Company Blog.


Offering Custom Designs and Personalised Products on a Individual Order or beginning a Clothing Line with us here. Even hosting a Webstore for your merchandise!

Community Management

We provide Community Management to some of our most well known clients, including our YouTubers who own Discord Servers, Community Forums and more!

Event Management

We have the tools and teams to manage any event of any size, from top until bottom! From Managing Tickets on the Door to Hiring a Venue!

Talent Management

We work with YouTube / Twitch / VidMe / Hitbox / Mixer Content Creators to help them improve their Content and improve relations with their audiences.

Who we work with

GT Omega Racing

Leading Provider of Gaming Chairs and Cockpits Worldwide

Nintendo UK

Japanese Creators of the Nintendo Wii, Switch and other great gaming consoles

Special Effect

Helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games with cutting edge technology


Specialising in Hardware (PCs, Peripherals) Built for Gamers, By Gamers


Most trusted VPS provider since 2011. Hosting Minecraft, Garry's Mod and Dedicated Servers!

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